How to Maintain Your Garden During Autumn?

Maintaining properly your garden during fall means not only less work when spring comes, but it is also beneficial for your plants in many ways. Just by seeding and sodding, you will help them grow bigger and healthier. However, that

How to Select a Shrub for Your Yard?

The exciting thing about garden design is that you have so many options. From picking out every tree, wildflower, wall and fence, through preparing the ground, to combining it to create a garden of your dreams, there are many instances

5 Reasons Why Autumn is Perfect Time to Seed

Though many will sob for the lost summer on the first rainy day of autumn, this season is the perfect time to start paying attention to your garden. Looking at your landscape you might see some plants or the lawn

Which Retaining Wall to Choose for Your Landscape?

Retaining walls play a major role in your garden design, not just only because they can contribute to the atmosphere, but also because they can help you shape surrounding grounds.  Questions that many homeowners ask when they start to consider

How to Fix Brown Patches in Your Lawn?

Nothing can ruin the beautiful outdoor experience as brown patches of dead grass. No matter if you are having a barbecue and friends coming over, or you are having a meditative afternoon all alone in the garden, the sight is

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