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Trees are the most dominant ornaments in our backyards, and just like us, they require constant care. If you want them to be urban and lively, you will have to devote the time. We are here to offer you complete tree care during each stage of their life cycle. For regular cutting, maintenance and health-care we use the newest technology combined with knowledge and experience. As a prize, we receive satisfied clients and exuberant trees.

We provide services you would expect only from the best companies and our experts are always willing to share their knowledge and promote a healthy and beautiful environment that will give enjoyment for the generations to come.

Tree Cutting and Trimming

Tree trimming and looping is a combination of knowledge and art. They are crucial for retaining natural appearance, stimulating growth and maintaining health. If you trim your trees alone, they may look just like you want them to, but you are probably causing damage that will appear eventually.

That’s why you need to contact professionals that will increase the strength, recognise unhealthy limbs and expand the lifespan of your trees. Artview Tree Cutting Services Sydney gathered a team of people who know how to implement art into science and achieve the best results each time. We will make your trees as beautiful as you would like, allowing more sunlight to reach the branches and haste the growth.

Tree and Plant Health

While trees stand out from the rest, they still use the same soil as turfgrasses, shrubs, and other plants. The roots of those trees and plants grow together and each of them is struggling to receive enough water and nutrients.

Since every nutrient you apply to the soil can have a great impact on the appearance and vitality of a tree, we suggest you seek professional help. Just like you trust doctors to take care of your health, entrust us to take care of your trees.

We will identify the specific symptoms and inspect what is causing them. Discoloured leaves, dead branches, or early leaf drop always suggest something. Once we diagnose the problems we will cut any infected parts and choose the appropriate treatment to eliminate problems easily.

Residential and Commercial Maintenance

When the tree is monitored and maintained, it will thrive. Routine check-ups are vital if you want to make sure your tree grows big, healthy and beautiful. That is the reason we provide our maintenance services all over the Sydney area.

At Artview Landscapes we offer both residential and commercial maintenance. From seasonal insect control to beneficial soil supplements. Each member of our team has the knowledge and expertise to create a personalised tree care plan. We will create a customised service that consists of regular visits as frequently as needed.

We will take into consideration pests and diseases that are usual for your region, the overall condition of your landscape, as well as local weather. After that, we will provide you with a plan based on specific species and life cycles and work on preventing any possible problems.

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If you are looking for five-star professional tree care services, you are in the right place. Contact us, and you will provide yourself with reliable and cost-effective services. We do the job plain and simple, without any hidden expenses. To us, it doesn’t matter whether you need basic cutting, pruning or regular maintenance. We can offer a solution for anything along those lines.

If you want to keep your outdoors flawless and welcoming, send us a message on our website. We will reply in no time and give you the answers you seek. There is no tree-related task that our team members are not able to do.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tree Cutting Services

What is tree removal?

Tree removal refers to either total removal, such as cutting a tree to the ground, or any action that could kill a tree or result in long-term harm that might jeopardise the health and stability of the tree.

Can I remove a tree by myself?

It’s probably alright if you remove the tree yourself, provided that it’s a small job. However, if you do not have skilled knowledge about tree removal or the job is a large one, it’s best to contact a professional for advice or to do the procedure for you. Artview Landscapes can assist with your tree removal needs.

Why should a tree be removed?

There are various reasons why a tree could be in need of removal. For instance, it could have structural issues, such as internal deterioration, or if it is too big for the area and can be dangerous if it falls or releases branches. If you suspect that there’s a serious issue with your tree, contact a professional immediately to avoid injuries that could even be fatal.

What do you call someone who does tree removal?

Tree surgeons are called arborists. They are experts in tree removal, trimming, and pruning. Lawns, bushes, hardscaping, and minor tree pruning, on the other hand, are all handled by landscapers.

Is council consent required before cutting down a tree?

Before removing any trees from your property, you must get permission from your local government. If you don’t, you risk paying hefty fines. While each municipality has its own set of regulations governing the removal of trees, many choices are influenced by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and Local Environment Plans (LEPs).

Can neighbours ask to cut your trees?

As long as they limit their removal to the branches on their side of the property line, your neighbour may trim branches that droop over onto their garden. It’s up to you whether you undertake the task if they ask you to chop down a tree or a hedge just because they don’t like the way it looks.

Do I need to hire a professional for tree removal?

Yes, it is highly recommended to hire a professional for tree removal. Tree removal is a dangerous job and should only be attempted by a trained professional with the right tools and safety measures in place. Contact Artview Landscapes for your tree removal needs.

What Our Customers Say

“We love, love, love the backyard and are now out in it all the time.”

Ted and Linda Kings Langley

“This serves to confirm that ARTVIEW Landscapes have previously undertaken a range of landscaping and garden maintenance services on our property. We have continued to use the ‘maintenance service’ offered by ARTVIEW Landscapes. This is on a monthly basis and includes special cleanup requests. As a consequence of ARTVIEW Landscapes‘ contribution to our property we remain very proud of … Continue Reading

Rod & Tina Pymble

“Artview Landscapes transformed our garden in 2005 into a beautiful area that we now enjoy every day. Our transformation included new sandstone paths, book leaf retaining walls, sandstone feature boulders, drip irrigation and garden soils and mulch. Brian and the Artview team were very friendly and professional during the whole process and this made things run … Continue Reading

Yvonne West Lindfield

“Brian was always keen to discuss the work to ensure our satisfaction and provided quality service with a high standard of workmanship. He was a pleasure to deal with.”

Jill and Ray West Pennant Hills

“The garden is now complete and looks magnificent. Brian and his team were incredibly friendly and professional. They went out of their way to make the time spent in the garden as easy and relaxed as possible for us.”

Jan Cammeray

“The ARTVIEW Landscapes team arrived promptly each day and went about their job in a professional manner. The team leader issued instructions and they went to work with commitment and dedication. There was no bad language, work disruptions or loud music. Quite honestly they were a pleasure to have on site.”

Trevor St Ives

“We were very happy with the collaborative approach ARTVIEW Landscapes adopted when they landscaped our garden. The final result was everything we hoped for!”

Iven and Kay St Ives

“Brian provided a very high quality of landscaping and was happy to tailor the work to suit both us and the needs of the site. He was honest, very knowledgeable in his field and his team were friendly and hard working. We highly recommend Brian to future clients.”

Peter and Danielle Kensington

“Artview Landscapes have been doing my garden since February 2017. They have always been very helpful doing anything Ive asked, from weeding to trimming hedges, removing plants & replanting where needed. They are happy to give advice on where, when and what to plant, fertilising and mulching etc.They are always on time, respectful and tidy, … Continue Reading

Carole Crumlin Mona Vale

I wanted to say a big thank you for the cleaning of the pavers and concrete, it looks so good and it is so easy just to have you guys do. Please let them team know they can always recommend it to us if they think it needs doing.

Carolyn Cabarita

Artview Landscapes have been maintaining my very large garden in Strathfield for four years. Over that time they have installed a complex watering system as well as replanting areas that weren’t growing well. Their suggestions regarding plants suitability for certain areas have proved correct and my garden always looks beautiful. Brian’s staff are reliable, trustworthy … Continue Reading

Lou Strathfield

After many years of disappointment with unprofessional/unreliable gardeners, in May 2018 I discovered Artview Landscapes and I have not been disappointed. Ben and his team got to work and transformed by garden. Weeding, clearing, mulching, new plants and installing a water system. Attention is now being given to the very neglected grass area and improvements … Continue Reading

Susan Ryde


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