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ARTVIEW Landscapes provides landscape design, garden maintenance and property care for residential and commercial premises in the Sydney Metropolitan area. We also provide ongoing service after landscape construction that will ensure your garden looks lush, healthy and beautiful at all times.

Since garden maintenance is an ongoing process consisting of multiple activities (like pest and weed control, weeding, etc.) that have to be done at a certain frequency, we decided to offer an affordable service of garden care. We understand that it may be time consuming for anyone whose work is demanding or who wants to spend their free time in some other way. That is why we provide garden maintenance service anywhere in the Sydney area.

Our garden maintenance Sydney will tailor regular visits at a frequency that suits you. You may prefer us to visit fortnightly, monthly or even change the schedule depending on the season.

Pest and Disease Control

Pests and diseases can ruin your carefully maintained garden in the blink of an eye. You could be gone for a vacation and come back to half of your garden being infested. By the time you diagnose the problem and find the adequate repellent it could be too late.

When you hire our Sydney garden maintenance services you know we will always be there to take care of your landscape, diagnose the problem in the early stages and treat it on time, no matter how much work it takes.

You can enjoy your vacation, work with a peace of mind and spend time with your family, knowing that we are watching over your garden.

Weeding Service Sydney

Weeds are no less persistent and dangerous than the pests and diseases. They will grow in no time and use up all that hard work that you have done for the sake of your plants. You could be spending hours maintaining your garden and still have it looking like a mess after a while, just because you forgot to do the weeding.

Our garden maintenance services also include thorough weeding of your landscapes. We will make sure that none of the effort you put towards your garden gets ruined. Professional landscape gardeners that we hire will regularly keep your plants safe from all unwanted greenery.

Lawn Care Sydney

Rainy season seems to make your lawn grow not long after it is mowed. You could be spending an entire morning cutting your lawn just to wake up to an uneven grass the next day.

If this seems like a futile work and you would rather go about your day doing something else, hire our lawn mowing services and rest assured that your premises will always be tidy and clean looking.

Book Your Sydney Garden Maintenance Today

Just by hiring our affordable garden maintenance services, you will be saving hours that could be spent on something you would enjoy much more. Instead of looking at your garden as a chore and never ending work you simply have to do, let our professional landscape gardeners take care of your yard and turn it into a beautiful place for rest and relaxation.

If you live in the Sydney area, call us today and let’s schedule your next garden maintenance.

Our landscape design and garden maintenance Sydney includes:

Other essential tasks:

  • soil conditioning;
  • topping up mulch;
  • replanting.

Ongoing property care can include:

  • high pressure cleaning of hard surfaces;
  • gutter cleaning;
  • oiling of outdoor timber structures;
  • minor landscape repairs.

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