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Creating a beautiful landscape from scratch, for private or public purposes, demands a thorough design and a work of a skilled architect. It needs careful planning that will align garden owner’s wishes with the actual possibilities based on the available space, plant arrangement and other aspects that differ from garden to garden.

We hire the best landscape architects that will help us make the most out of your garden, whether it’s just getting updated or if it’s being built all over again.

Drainage and Lawn Sprinkler System Installation

The excess as well as the lack of water can be a great source of problems in your garden. During heavy rains the excess water can stay in your garden for days making it hard for you to move, park or just enjoy the outdoors. Having a good drainage system can help you avoid all of these problems and ensure your lawn and your plants get only as much water as they need.

On the other hand, long dry periods when rain doesn’t fall for days or weeks can leave the grass burned, your plants lifeless and the soil cracked. All of this can be avoided with sprinkler system installation that will provide your garden with water whenever necessary.

Paving and Walls

Paving and walls will keep your garden and your landscape tidy and safe from damage or neglect of others, whether people or pets. They give your garden a structure, turn unusable areas into a useful parts of your garden and make it easier to maintain.

Our landscape construction Sydney services also include rockeries and woodworks which can replace the harshness of stone walls or simply build an area that will protect you and your guests from the sun and rain.

When it comes to paving, walls, rocks and wood, we can provide you with unique patterns and materials provided by the best suppliers, that you can choose according to your needs, taste and ideas.

Soft Landscaping Services Sydney

Our Sydney landscape designers and architects will work hard to give your private and commercial garden a new life and maintain it regularly.

We will use the plants that you want or suggest some that would suit your taste and your surroundings. These plants, shrubs and trees can be a great source of shade, create natural fencing and barriers or improve soil quality.

You can also count on our seeding and turfing services which will make your lawn spotlessly beautiful and lush green.

We also provide mulching as one of our services and we highly recommend it to all of our clients since it protects your garden during the winter months.

Book Our Landscape Construction Sydney Today

Co-owner and operator Brian Baker is a talented structural Sydney landscaper who has been managing, designing and building landscapes for twenty five years.

Brian and his ARTVIEW Landscapes team work closely with you to bring your ideas to life. They will visit your property to make an assessment of what needs to be done, suggest their design and a price. We start our work right afterwards and, if you are satisfied, provide regular garden maintenance.

Our team is skilled in the following landscape construction Sydney services:

  • detailed earthworks (to specifications);
  • drainage;
  • paving, paths, flagging and cobbles (unique patterns and materials);
  • driveways;
  • retaining walls, steps and ramps;
  • decking, pergolas and bridges;
  • water features, ponds, fountains;
  • feature walls, entry statements, privacy screens, plinths and features;
  • all types of sandstone works;
  • fencing (pool and boundary);
  • soft landscaping (planting and turfing)

We have a network of reliable suppliers that always equip us with high-quality materials, so our team knows what they are working with at all times.

What Our Customers Say

“We love, love, love the backyard and are now out in it all the time.”

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