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Why Frog Ponds are Beneficial for Your Garden?

Besides the fact that you will contribute to aquatic ecosystem preservation, having a frog pond can protect your garden from pests too. The same as we plant specific flowers and herbs to attract the bees and repel bugs, this is

How to Beat the Bugs in Your Garden?

No matter how beautiful and neat your garden is, there is always a possibility that the bugs could ruin your hard work and garden’s appearance. You could keep wondering for days what’s wrong with your plants and discover after a

Best Smelling Plants that You Can Grow at Home

Being outdoors and having a great time in our backyards is what most of us appreciate. If you add some wonderfully scented plants and flowers to the garden, you will begin to enjoy yourself even more. They can be cultivated

How to Prune Shrub into a Tree?

If the shrubs and bushes are not pruned regularly, they can take over the whole landscape and give an impression of a neglected garden. But if you learn how to prune a shrub into a tree, your outdoor area will

What is a Garden Diary and Should You Have One?

Like any other journal that we keep, garden dairy shows our progress through multiple records of failures and successes. That is how we learn, grow, and cherish the whole process much more. Proper garden maintenance requires a lot of time

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