Drought is an issue across our continent and that is something that we are certainly aware of. Many areas of Australia like Brisbane, Hobart and parts of Western Australia face severe rainfall deficiencies every summer, and it’s not getting better. The Australian citizens are therefore obliged to spend this precious resource wisely and thoughtfully.

It is not a secret that Australians love our country’s flora. The fact that there are more than 140 botanical gardens in Australia just proves the statement. Now, having a private garden that you can turn into a real piece of heaven is exactly what most of us desire. By providing a smart and effective way of garden watering is how we contribute to the essential water preserving process.

Automatic Home Watering

There are three main types of automatic watering system and each of them has a unique way of operating and different purpose.

Drip feed watering systems are perfect for watering container-grown plants or medium and small size plants at the individual stations. They are less effective for densely planted beds and large plants with wide root areas.

Soaker or sprinkler hose is great for both vegetable and flower beds. Soaker one is made out of recycled perforated rubber which allows water to directly soak the ground and aim for the plant’s root. Sprinkler hose has a similar way of operating but instead of soaking the water, it produces a regular series of sprays that reach up to a meter height.

The sprinkler irrigation system is probably the most utilized one and it is a perfect solution for larger gardens and its thick beds and lawns. Waste of water is a bit higher than with the previous two systems, but evaporation loss can be reduced by setting the system for a night watering.

Manual Watering System

This is a simple yet effective method of irrigation. You don’t need any technical equipment but the system still needs to be constructed appropriately to avoid unnecessary water loss and plant damage. Manual water systems showed to be especially convenient for the areas where evaporation rates are high.

An opponent to sophisticated drip irrigation systems, there is simple drip irrigation that can be set-up manually using sizable buckets or barrels as water containers. Another way to transfer the water directly to the roots is by having pitcher irrigation. It consists of placing porous clay pots in shallow pits where water can seep slowly reaching the plant’s crucial parts.

Probably the oldest method is using watering cans for specific areas that need to be hydrated or utilizing various hand-held hoses for a traditional watering.

Also, you can collect rainfall for the manual irrigation or use grey water which is relatively clean water that we get from showers, baths, dishwashers and so on. The crucial thing here is to be aware of the quality of that water and the chemicals that are flowing through it.

Professional Water System Design and Installation

Choosing an adequate watering system for your garden requires some professional advice. Manual water systems usually require more labour and serious dedication, so most of the people tend to choose an automatic option.

Our Artview Landscapes garden maintenance Sydney team can easily and successfully define the right water system for you. Except for drainage and lawn sprinkler system installation, we are excellent garden designers and constructors. Professional garden design and plant positioning can help each of them get as much water as it needs.

We are experts with vast knowledge and training, as well as valuable experiences and our ultimate goal is to make your gardens functional, healthy and beautiful.

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