Our beloved Sun is a source of light and life, but once at the peak of its power in the scorching summer months, it can become an extremely destructive enemy. Especially for our garden and its inhabiting plants. Australia experiences extensive droughts alongside significant wet periods which sometimes makes it a harsh place for its flora to survive.

Gardeners face two major problems during the hot season and those are leaf scorch and rapid ground drying. The first problem is related to the extreme sun exposure and the second one to the water deficiency or even too much hydration. 

Since we are garden maintenance Sydney professionals, we have a few suggestions that will help your garden stay appropriately hydrated and protected during the summer season. 

Effective Watering – Use the Sprinklers

Even with the best of intentions, we sometimes make mistakes. Over-watering is a common one for beginner gardeners who felt sorry for the plants too early. The best way to check if the plants need water is to push your finger through the mulch layer and feel the ground moisture. If it’s dry, it is time to water.

Also, hose watering is not always a good idea due to its overpowering jet that can damage the soil and plant. Instead, the sprinkler system provides a mild shower and most-needed root irrigation that keeps the plant alive. This organized and cost-efficient solution is the best way to successfully follow the watering process.

Benefits of Mulching

By using mulch, you will bring the plants closer to the natural process of healthy and rich soil. Also, it will significantly lengthen the period between watering. Except for the most nurturing organic mulch, there is a pebble solution that is also beneficial. It can keep the soil cool and let the water pass easily all the way to the roots. 

The organic mulching contains things like wood chips, straw and bark and their greatest advantage is breaking down slowly by time and filling your soil with rich nutrients. There isn’t a better replacement for both herbicides and fertilizers.

Provide Natural Shade by Thoughtful Garden Design

This one is pretty obvious yet more than an effective way of saving your plants. You can easily make a temporary shelter after you hear the alarming weather report with some regular or beach umbrellas. But what about prolonged periods of intense heat?

Giving some attention to a garden design can actually create a natural shade by skilful plant positioning. Higher ones can surely keep the smaller and delicate plants in the shade. For example, sunflowers and different vines can offer shade to its surrounding plants and they are very easy to grow. Also, they develop fast. Another way is to add shade cloth. You can really help all your plants by providing some relief when the sun is at its peak.

Remove the Weeds

Weeds also love and need moisture and nutrients leaving your other garden plants deprived of it. Plus, weeds are very strong and resilient, so if you let them grow uncontrollably, they will certainly take all the food for themselves. They are known to attract pests and diseases, so that’s another reason to make them disappear.

Don’t Leave Garden Unattended While Away

Although there are few things that you can do to prevent water from evaporating or add some more moisture, those are just temporary solutions. When you are away, it is important to have someone who will do the garden watering and check-ups. It gives you peace of mind and your plants a possibility to go through the summer period without damages.

Sydney garden maintenance professionals from Artview Landscapes can do that and much more for you! Besides drainage and sprinkler installation systems, we provide creative garden design solutions for naturally shaded and cool areas. Send an enquiry today and expect a fast and customised response.

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