A lush green lawn is one of the most attractive aspects of any garden! Many of us wish for a beautiful lawn, particularly in summer, but this takes care and maintenance all year round.

Here’s a quick guide to what you need to do in each season, in order to achieve a fabulous lawn ready for summer entertaining!


This is the time that weeds love, as your lawn is usually thinner and unable to outgrow the­m.

  • You need to keep pesky weed growth, like wintergrass, under control.
  • You’ll still need to mow, although not as often as in summer, and it’s important not to cut your lawn too short.
  • You don’t need to water as much in the cooler months.


Spring is the season to watch for pests, and liven your lawn up after winter.

  • Adult curl grubs mate in spring, then burrow their eggs into your lawn. So now’s the time to prevent these sort of pest infestations.
  • Other tasks for spring include raking and aerating, eliminating thatch and dollar spots, fertilising and weed watch.

Loving Your Lawn: Care and Maintenance Tips


The heat really kicks in now, and can be devastating to your lawn. If you’re not careful, these months can undermine all the preparation you’ve put into caring for your turf.

  • Water in the early morning to give plenty of time for your lawn to absorb the maximum amount of moisture. Don’t be tempted to water at night, as the humidity can induce fungal problems.
  • Mow regularly, fertilise and keep an eye out for pests.

Loving Your Lawn: Care and Maintenance Tips


This is the season when lawns relax. The nights and days become cooler, and it’s time to repair any damage caused by those hot summer days.

  • Fertilise to promote root growth and a stronger lawn.
  • When you use our garden maintenance services, we’ll use this season to prevent weeds and pests getting comfortable, and aerate to help prepare the turf for the rigours of winter.

Need some professional help?

When you’re busy with work and family, there’s so little time to devote to weeding, aerating for nutrient absorption, top dressing and even regular mowing. Add to those, thatch problems, dollar spots, curl grubs and many other lawn pests!

As a top provider of Sydney garden maintenance and landscaping services, Artview Landscapes can take on this hard work for you. We will create a care plan for your lawn according to your needs and budget, leaving you with the simple pleasure of feeling those cool blades of grass between your toes as you entertain your family and friends!

If you’re looking for that eye-catching beautiful green lawn at your property, call Artview Landscapes for an appraisal and care plan today.

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