Nothing can ruin the beautiful outdoor experience as brown patches of dead grass. No matter if you are having a barbecue and friends coming over, or you are having a meditative afternoon all alone in the garden, the sight is certainly not pleasant nor desirable.

The cause of this can vary from foot traffic and lack of care and fertilisation to fungal or grub infestation. Let’s not forget about the heat that’s still considered to be one of the major reasons for this issue, especially in Australia. Whatever the source of the problem is, there are ways to prevent the lawn damage by using some tricks and methods that experienced gardeners apply.

Adequate Watering is Essential

No matter if you want to protect your grass from overheating or diseases, proper watering is definitely a way to do so. If you are watering the lawn with a hose, there is a great chance that you don’t water it evenly. That is how you can encounter both extremely thirsty and overwatered areas on a single lawn, so brown patches are almost certainly gained this way. 

The best way to fix this is by installing a sprinkler system that can be programmed to supply a sufficient amount of water to the entire lawn area. Our professional team knows exactly which watering system is the most suitable for your lawn, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today and ensure yourself a healthy lawn alongside decreased water bills.

Adjusted Mowing for Healthy Grass

This is especially related for the summer season since people tend to cut the grass too short then to prevent the heath damages. The truth is that by doing so, we get the opposite effect. The dirt underneath it is more exposed to the sun which is drying it out faster. By letting your grass grow slightly higher, you directly let its roots go deeper. When more below, they get the necessary moisture, nutrients and temperature.

Fertiliser as the Most Popular Option

Keep in mind that if not handled properly and fertilised evenly, this method is counterproductive since the grass can burn easily due to the chemicals. Proper use, on the other hand, encourages the grass to grow faster and develop appropriately. 

If you already applied the fertiliser on the grass before the damage was done, the first step is to water the brown area thoroughly so the fertiliser can soak the roots. Wait for the few weeks to see if the new growth is produced and if not, examine the grass carefully and apply the fertiliser to the defective spots. 

The best solution, especially if you have a larger portion of lawn affected, is to turn to professionals. We will do our best to recover the parts that could be treated, but also easily and promptly perform the new seeding or turf installation for those who require a fresh start. 

Prevent the Pest Infestation by Regular Garden Maintenance

The most effective way to keep your landscape healthy is by doing regular lawn mowing and garden maintenance. This will help you prevent serious damage that grubs, bugs, and other unwanted garden visitors can cause. Certain types of the army or sod worms love to feed on healthy grass, so the only option you have sometimes is to apply the appropriate treatment.
As you know, our professional gardeners offer full garden maintenance that consists of all procedures necessary to keep your lawn beautiful and vigorous at all times. After we inspect your garden and determine the issues, we act accordingly. In case any treatment is needed, you don’t need to worry that it will cause any harm to your children and pets health since we at Artview Landscapes make customised lawn mowing and maintenance packages and proposals that fit you perfectly. Reach to us now and learn why it is beneficial to have a trustworthy professional gardeners team by your side.

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