Having a nicely designed and maintained yard is something that most of us aim for. Garden is a place that can provide food, relaxation in a beautiful ambience, but it is also one of the best and safest places for socializing.

Luckily, there are certain things that you can do to make your outdoor living space as pleasant as possible anytime – in summer and in winter. 

We want to share a few clever suggestions that will keep your guests in your garden all year round!

Regular Garden Maintenance

Mowing and trimming, planting and cleaning. It is important to remember that all this work needs to be done continuously, if you want to have healthy and happy plants, free from weeds, and delightful outdoor area appearance.

Except having an attractive garden for enjoying your free time, regular maintenance will ensure a safer environment. Especially for the kids, who are unstoppable little explorers, freshly mowed lawn and trimmed hedges can secure harmless activities in the open air. The aforementioned procedures will also reduce the risk of pests and vermin settling in your backyard.

Cooling and Heating the Outdoors

There are plenty of ways of keeping your outdoors cool and fresh during the hot summer months. Except from adding some shade with bohemian shade sails, you can also install cost-efficient ceiling fans. Depending on the amount of heat and sun exposure, you can combine good old traditional large umbrellas with some cooling fans and make the heat bearable for plants and garden visitors alike. 

In the winter, firepit or a fireplace will add a touch of magic to the starry night, while heat lamps will keep your garden warm during the day. Go a step further and picture a steamy hot tub that will keep everyone relaxed and warm. Of course, there are traditional options like floor heating or the good old blanket.

Illuminate Your Garden

You can always brighten up all the dark corners of your garden with some discrete LEDs. You can even add some light to your fountains and around your plants. There are various lighting techniques that can turn your garden more bright or more intimate, depending on the mood you want to create.

The obvious benefit of lighting up your garden is the appearance enhancement. With proper outdoor lighting system positioning and selection, you can change the atmosphere according to the event. Nowadays, the offer of lighting components is greater than ever, but you can do so much with adding a recessed lighting or hanging bulbs.

Once when the sun goes down, it is important to keep certain garden parts illuminated at all times. Besides for safety reasons, it also brings in the full functionality of your outdoor area. You can still use your deck, patio and pool in the night time, just by bringing some light to them. Also, pathway lights are always a good idea and apart from better visibility at night, they give you a lot of space to be as creative and imaginative as you want.

Rely on Professional Garden Design, Construction and Maintenance

Garden maintenance Sydney professionals at Artview Landscapes offer a great range of services that can make your garden beautiful and healthy all year round. Besides professional garden construction and maintenance, we do all sorts of wood and stone works. 

Our team can design and install the pergolas, sitting areas and patios from the highest quality timber, or create durable and rustic sandstone walkways. We are an award-winning company that is truly committed to improving your environment.

Reach out to us today and we will make sure that your guests feel welcome in your garden!

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