Besides the fact that you will contribute to aquatic ecosystem preservation, having a frog pond can protect your garden from pests too. The same as we plant specific flowers and herbs to attract the bees and repel bugs, this is the way to have a pest-free garden without using any chemicals.

Depending on the size and pond features, you can dedicate some time and creativity to make it yourself or you can simply leave everything to the professionals. No matter the choice, you will need to follow a few steps to attract the frogs naturally to your garden. Once they arrive and settle down, you will soon begin to notice that your whole garden looks revived.

You Directly Contribute to the Survival of Species

As you may or may not know, the aquatic ecosystem is struggling worldwide. More than 50% of natural ponds and lake habitats are nearly or completely lost which seriously affects the flora and fauna within them. The truth is that no matter how big or small your pond is, you are doing a great favour for the frogs and toads and they will certainly know how to return it.

Frogs Are Great Bioindicators

Any species whose behaviours and breeding habits can reveal more about the environmental quality are known as bioindicators. Besides being extremely sensitive species of amphibians that require clean water and healthy soil, frogs are useful in monitoring ecosystems. They react immediately to pollution and habitat degradation by simply leaving the area or not breeding. By being the first ones to react to threats, they help you realize that something is wrong.

Frogs’ Diet Helps the Gardeners

Both frogs and toads are carnivores, so they will gladly feed on many pests. All those bugs, beetles, cutworms, slugs, or snails that are damaging your lovely flowers and other plants may disappear just by having a frog pond. A single frog can get rid of nearly a 100 insects overnights, so as we said, you can have just a few of them in a small pond and still have important benefits. That means that you will also avoid using harmful pesticides.

Ways to Attract Frogs To Your Garden

Since we established the great significance of having these amazing creatures in our garden, let us tell you how to welcome them properly.

Firstly, you will need to offer them a nice shelter. Frogs are nocturnal animals and require shady areas to hide from the sun and other predators. Ponds that have carefully arranged stones and adequate plants will make them feel at home. Since they absorb water by sitting in it, they must have a source of clean water to stay in your garden.

To design a perfect pond that matches the needs of frogs, you may always turn to our landscape construction team. We install ponds and fountains that are specifically created to provide a safe home for the frogs, toads, and other aquatic animals. By having a pond made of organic high-quality materials that we use, you add aesthetic value to your garden, but also create a unique natural habitat which keeps your garden healthy.

Another thing that will help is having a lot of plants around the area. By selecting the adequate variants, you encourage frogs to breed and stay in the pond. They are serving as hiding places or ideal egg-laying locations. You need to keep in mind that frogs don’t like chemicals and by using them, you can contribute to serious frog population decline. We are experienced and competent landscape construction gardeners who can help with right plant selection, plantation and non-chemical treatments as the part of regular garden maintenance

Get in touch today and share your thoughts and ideas, and we will make sure to turn your garden into a real piece of art.

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