Almost everyone who has a large yard dreams about having a stunning lawn like the ones from the magazines. However, if the lawn is not properly installed and maintained, it will not look presentable. 

No matter if you have a small or big lawn, the process of lawn installation can highly affect whether it is going to sustain or not, and how it will look like. A suitable type of installation also depends on the sort of soil, as well as whether it is in the shade or exposed to the sunlight. 

There are different types of lawn installation, and you should choose the right option for your site conditions. This is an important step because depending on that you will have the best and long-lasting results. The best solution for your new lawn or renovation project can be selected by evaluating ground conditions, watering practices and the amount of sunlight in lawn areas.

Types of Lawn Installation


This is the best choice for bare earth areas, but the existing grade, depth, and soil quality are adequate. Layout also needs to be prepared, along with the proper drainage. When it comes to hydro-seeding, installation of screened topsoil is an important part, and of course finished grading. Hydro-seeding includes a combination of fertiliser mix and grass seed in the water that is sprayed over your lawn. You will have to make sure that the seeds nourished by the fertiliser will be absorbed into the soil, along with the water and nutrients and start to grow. 


The power-seeding used for Lawn installation is ideal if the grade and soil depth are sufficient, and the area is spotty, damaged or thin. The next step is core aeration, which includes a machine that mechanically removes plugs or cores of soil and mops them from the lawn. Your entire lawn will be power-seeded with a premium-quality grass blend. Power-seeding is a greatly effective and useful way to revive struggling lawns and gives various benefits to the soil.


A method such as sod-installation is a good option to get instant results with bluegrass sod. Also, this is an adequate solution in cases where there is not enough time for grass to grow. 

Sod can be installed at any time throughout the growing season. You need to have in mind that turf will not turn out well without continuous maintenance, sufficient sunlight and constant watering. Sod-installation is not advisable for dark and non-irrigated grounds.

If the area you chose is not suitable, or maybe in shade, professional landscapers can take care of that too. For example, they can conduct hedge trimming and pruning as well if needed, to enable enough sunlight for this area.

Make a Good Choice

Before you decide which type of lawn you are going to install, you need to consider different factors, and if you have some doubts and insecurities, you can always contact someone who is trained for that. In case you don’t know who to call our professional landscapers.

Our first-class service covers all areas in Sydney, so it doesn’t matter in which part of the city you are located. It is easy to request our service. It can be done by filling out an online form or contacting us by phone. We have polite and highly trained customer support who will answer all your questions.

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