Like any other journal that we keep, garden dairy shows our progress through multiple records of failures and successes. That is how we learn, grow, and cherish the whole process much more.

Proper garden maintenance requires a lot of time and dedication and keeping a diary will help us be patient and motivated. It constantly reminds us how far we have gone and how much have we improved since we first started. Also, the garden diary prevents you from repeating mistakes by simply reminding you that you already tried the certain thing out and it didn’t work out.

Plants are living creatures and they differ in needs. Your newly planted rose seeds and 5 years old silver oak tree require distinctive care. You can easily keep track in your garden diary about timelines and any other necessary specifications. It can also serve as a unique place where you keep plant tags, seed packets and other informative pieces. The choices are immense and once you begin writing your diary, you will discover its benefits soon and we promise that you will have a lot of fun!

Useful Tips for Keeping a Garden Diary

Our friendly advice is to keep it simple and not overcrowd it with too much information. There is not a certain rule on how to keep it, but since its goal is to become a routine, there are few things that you can do to achieve that.

Precise timelines and schedules are especially important for personal garden maintenance. Noting dates when you divided the perennials, removed weeds, did the fertilization and watering is crucial for the plants’ proper development.

For example, it is good to have a list of plants that were successful alongside the ones that weren’t. That is how you know which ones to avoid and which ones to choose more often. Then, when you have a new seed, provide some details about it – the source, the time of the seeding and transplanting and so on. This is how you can grow with your new plant!

Another valuable idea is to take pictures or sketches of your garden a few times a year, so you can have solid visual proof of your garden’s development, growth, and exact plants’ locations. Besides taking photos, write down your thoughts on specific area current situations – does it require more shape, variety, colour, etc. You can mark these observations daily, weekly or whenever you need to do so.

Few More Reasons to Start Keeping Your Garden Diary Today

How does the garden diary help us predict the future? Well, take all the past notes in consideration for the upcoming planting season and you will see that the planning process is much easier. You can mark the phase of the moon, temperature, and humidity level for that day when you were doing planting and then see how it affected the growth.

And now, related to that fun part – inspire yourself by trying new things. Is there any plant that you always wanted to grow, but you never tried? Or what about that interesting DIY irrigation system that you heard about? Also, a lot of people started drawing the plants in the garden diary, so waking up a creative side may happen to you too!

Professional Garden Maintenance Service That You Can Learn a Lot From

Garden diary is kept by both amateur and expert gardeners, and our team knows all about it. Sometimes it can be frustrating to understand a certain plant’s behaviour, and we can help with problem diagnosis and recovery procedure. Whether you need a piece of advice, suggestion or proper help with your garden maintenance, just give us a call and schedule a visit from our experienced team.

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