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Commercial landscapes are necessary for any business, public space and community center. If you want to create a hotel, restaurant, shopping centre or any other public place that people often visit, you have to think about the environment and the green space. It has to feel natural, not overrun with concrete. It has to improve the quality of life of all citizens visiting and living in the area and work for people of all ages and backgrounds.

However, designing, building and then keeping the landscape of that size in good condition demands a team of dedicated professionals who will design it and maintain it week after week or as frequently as necessary. It takes a lot of careful planning, effort and a lot of high-quality materials that will endure all the visits and still remain in good condition.

Commercial landscaping Sydney company, ARTVIEW Landscapes provides landscape design, construction, planting, garden and property maintenance for public premises throughout the entire Sydney Metropolitan area.

Commercial Landscape Design Sydney

Commercial landscape design is usually far more complex than the residential one. It requires careful planning and absolute dedication of expert landscape architects and gardeners who will make it functional yet complementary to your business, beautiful and pleasant.

Depending on the purpose of the commercial landscape, it can be tropical, Japanese, or Mediterranean themed. If your green space is also eco-friendly, it will be the additional benefit showing that your business cares about the environment.

Commercial Landscape Construction and Soft Landscaping

When our landscape architects create the design and you choose the one you like, that’s when our team starts the construction.

Depending on the microclimate and the terrain itself, we may have to start with drainage or irrigation system. Then we begin the earthworks and woodworks if they are a part of our plans. We add the walls, water features like ponds and fountains, and finally finish up by setting up the grass, either through seeding or turfing.

When all of that is done, we plant the trees, shrubs and flowers that you asked for or that comply with the chosen garden theme.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

Commercial landscape design and planting is just the beginning of the process. Such vast green surfaces that are often frequented by numerous visitors need constant maintenance and never-ending care. 

We will keep your commercial landscape safe from weeds, as well as pests and diseases. By fertilizing it frequently, we will ensure the healthy life of the plants. Lawn mowing is also a part of our commercial landscape maintenance services, as well as tree branch cutting and hedge trimming.

Our team of professional landscapers will always be at your disposal, on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Whenever you have any important events that require the impeccable condition of your commercial landscape, you can count on us.

The Best Commercial Landscaping Sydney

In twenty five years as a talented project manager and structural landscaper, Brian has worked on commercial projects valued between $10,000 and one million dollars.

He is now backed by a team of gardeners and landscapers who work hard to keep your commercial landscape spotless and in perfect condition all year round. 

We partner with a network of reliable suppliers, so you know your plants and garden equipment always come from the same trusted source that guarantees high quality.

We like our work to speak for itself, so we have listed a few commercial projects ARTVIEW Landscapes have been involved in:

  • Jandson Homes – Landscape construction of display homes at The Ponds, Kellyville;
  • Newington Public School – Landscape construction;
  • The Ella Centre – Landscape construction;
  • The Brick Pit Homebush Bay – Subcontractor Landscape construction frog ponds.

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