With the summer season just around the corner, now is the perfect time for every future pool owner to consider various pool landscaping possibilities. But what is pool landscaping precisely and how it can transform our property? We suggest you keep reading if you want to learn more.

What Is Pool Landscaping?

When we’re talking about designing the area around the pool, we’re referring to pool landscaping. It tackles several important aspects, such as the choice of furniture, lighting, decoration, plants, pool fencing, paving, and decking, and its goal is to come up with aesthetically pleasing yet safe pool landscaping solutions that match different lifestyle needs. When done right, the pool landscaping can significantly improve the usability of the pool as well as the appearance of our entire property.

What are the benefits of Pool Landscaping?

Pool Landscaping Will Make Your Backyard More Attractive

The most exciting thing about having a swimming pool is that it becomes an attractive central point of your backyard. Opting for a distinct pool landscaping design can considerably improve its appearance by adding lighting, plants, or outdoor furniture of your choice for the best aesthetic results.

With Pool Landscaping, Your Pool Will Be Safer

The pool must be a safe environment for the kids and must comply with Australian standard AS1926. That said, your choice of landscaping design must make sure the area around the pool is arranged in a way so that you can easily supervise children at all times.

Pool Landscaping Will Make Your Around-the-pool Area More Functional

Good pool landscaping design is all about improving the usability of the pool area. Namely, it can help you create easy access for swimming and relaxation and should also have the potential for various social activities you want to enjoy with your friends and family.

Pool Landscaping Will Increase The Value Of Your Property

If you decide to sell your house for some reason, you will want it to look as attractive as possible to potential buyers. A breathtaking pool landscaping design can tremendously help you with this. The moment your buyers see the pool and get an idea about the possible ways they can use it for entertainment, social gatherings, and relaxation, they will be more interested in buying it. And if they see how much time and effort is invested in your pool area and backyard in general, you will surely get a higher price for your property!

The Secrets To Good Pool Landscaping Design

Some pool owners start thinking about possible pool landscaping designs only after the pool is installed while others like to plan. However, the great thing about the pool landscaping is that the possibilities for breath-taking design are countless and every pool owner is bound to find the best possible solution for their property.

However, there are a few more aspects that all good pool landscaping designs have in common:

The Pool Should Be Central To The Design

Do you prefer long and narrow pools or think about opting for a completely custom shaped one? Your future pool will always be the central part of your backyard so think about its shape and size before you make the final call. Remember, all other design elements will need to follow these two! 

Proper Positioning 

You want your pool to look attractive from all possible angles, including from inside the house, so make sure you discuss your options with your pool company.

Would you hire a team of pool landscaping professionals in Sydney? At Artview Landscapes, we know everything about attractive pool landscaping designs, so make sure you contact us today. We’ll provide you with all the necessary information as well as our pricing plans!

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