What does your garden look like in the winter? Is it vibrant and nice, or grey and dazed? It is beautiful to have a luscious garden throughout the whole year, but is it possible and how hard is that? 

If you want to accomplish a fresh look, certain things need to be done. Cold and frosty weather can be a true enemy to various greenery, so you should be careful when you are making a selection of which one to plant into your yard. That will reflect on the durability of your garden. Let’s take a closer look at plants that can handle cold and frosty weather the best.

Winter Pansies

Add a pop of colour to your home’s landscaping with the help of this gorgeous plant. This winter’s blooming beauty thrives in hardiness zones and comes in a wide range of colours including orange, violet, gold, white, red and maroon. Pansies are exceptional at surviving extremely low temperatures, and rebounding back with vitality when the weather warms up. 


As their name suggests, they love the cold weather. Snowdrops are one of the first spring flowers to bloom in many parts of the country. They can bloom already in February, depending on the region, despite the possible snow on the ground. They are simple to grow and they can be left alone and will proliferate on their own. Sounds amazing, right? This is why you should consider including them in your winter list of plants.


These will add a bit of cheer to your garden. If you live in an area with mellow winter, calendulas are a great option. They will be a breath of fresh air with a warm and inviting glow. These amazing flowers come in orange and yellow colours and flourish in chilly conditions. You can grow them in containers or a sunny flower bed. 

English Primrose

Here is another plant perfect for mild areas. It is easy to maintain and it is a splash of colour to winter gardens. Primrose has circular flowers in practically every colour and they can reach a height of 12 inches. The best time to plant them is after the first hard frost. If you are not skillful with planting you can call professional Sydney landscapers that can easily take care of your plants.

Jasmine Winter 

If you are looking for something that will brighten up your landscape you have found the right solution. These vivid yellow flowers are quite a decoration to your garden, and they should be planted in late winter. 


Gloomy winter days can easily be improved with a bit of viola. Not only do they provide bright colours and a delightful smell, but they also self-sow, ensuring that they will return year after year. These flowers love cool weather and require a layer of mulch over the soil around them to keep them in good condition and blooming further into the spring or early summer. 

Winter Heath 

This durable plant is a type of ground cover that can withstand freezing temperatures and even snowfall. The colours of the bell-like flowers range from whites and pinks to reds and purples and there are various types available. Winter heath will grow best in full sun or part shade. 

This was our selection of plants that can make your clouded days much brighter, so whatever you choose, you won’t make a mistake. For advice on how to maintain your garden and professional help with maintaining it, there is a Sydney landscaping company that will make your garden luscious and vibrant even during winter.

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