Although we love to have beautiful gardens even during the winter when we don’t spend so much time there, we tend to neglect them. No matter if the reason is that we do not have enough motivation and it is maybe harder to do all these garden chores when it’s chilly outside, the outcome is the same. Plants suffer. But, if you choose the right plants that are sustainable all along with the winter, you can have amazing yards constantly. 

For beginners, don’t overlook the leaf qualities of particular plants. If you think about leaves colours and textures, plants can add an aspect to your yard. We have found native plants that will be a refreshment to your garden and make it look vibrant and luscious. 

Syzygium ‘Big Red’

It is also called Lilly pilly, it is medium-sized and it blooms profusely. Its rich red new growth stands out against the plant, and the tips have a dark maroon glow. This fast-growing cultivar creates an excellent hedge specimen, so privacy will be guaranteed. It may be trimmed into whatever form you like and it is also popular as a topiary specimen.

Acacia ‘Limelight’

This plant is famous for its lavish, lime green leaves and compact shape, and if you are looking for a way to astonish your guests, this is going to be the best choice for your landscape. After being brought to the market by plant leaders Native Plant Association Wholesalers in South Australia, this decorative gem won hearts all over the country. Since then it’s been the most popular Acacia cognata cultivar in Australia. Its limelight is a thick, compact plant that works well in modern and traditional gardens.

Coastal Tea Tree

The coastal tea tree is a superb alternative to the typical English box hedge and can be regarded as a local answer to the low hedging. The foreshore can withstand salt sprays and salt-laden winds thanks to the exceptional resistance to the worst of coastal conditions. Foliage is a beautiful grey-green with bronze new growth. If you live in a coastal area this is a perfect choice for your yard. 

Heath Leaved Banksia 

This beauty blooms in autumn and winter with a startling bright orange-red colour. Growing east of the Great Dividing Range in Central and Northern New South Wales dappled leaves are frost and salt spray resilient. Sustainable plants like this are always a great solution to improve the look of your garden and if you need some assistance with that, you can hire a professional to resolve everything fast and easy.

Grevillea Deua Gold 

Here’s another stunning lady. The plant’s rich gold blossoms adorn it for most of the year, but it shines in the winter. Deua gold gets its name from its origins near Deua National Park in New South Wales and it is highly sustainable in harsh landscape conditions. 


There are some fantastic low-growing native plants if you are looking for blooms in the winter that look quite impressive. Firecracker has small, evergreen foliage and rounded form and has a long flowering season, blooming from late April to the end of October. Over a lengthy period, the eruption of blazing red and yellow blossoms creates a beautiful display. If you decide to add this sparkler to your landscape, it will create a wow effect, it’s a promise. 
We have carefully selected these plants to help you decorate your yard and make it astonishing even during the coldest months, and it is up to you to put a little effort into growing them. If you want a luscious garden but do not have the equipment, time or energy, our Sydney landscaping company will gladly help you.

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