With Aussie plants’ popularity currently on the rise, incorporating native landscape has become a new challenge to amateur gardeners around the country. The possibilities for combining are practically countless with so many distinctive shrubs, succulents, trees, ground covers, desert plants, and herbs to choose from, and the best thing about it is that there are native plants that will fit every corner and layer of your garden, so stick around if you’re curious to find out more.

Australian daisy (Brachyscome)

If we’re talking about ground covers, we can’t help but mention one of the most popular Australian plants with its distinguishing mauve, white and blue flowers. It prefers direct exposure to the sun but will thrive almost everywhere due to its high degree of adaptability.

Bottlebrush (Callistemon)

With radiant red flowers that attract birds and bees, bottlebrush will do best in a full-sun position. This plant also requires well-draining soil and will reward you with its magnificent flowers in spring and summer.

Cycad (Macrozamia)

Its beautiful, palm-like leaves will look dazzling in your garden but keep in mind it requires well-drained and sandy soil. Larger plants enjoy full sun positions while smaller ones prefer shade.

Elkhorn and staghorn fern (Platycerium)

With distinctive fronds that resemble antlers, elkhorn and staghorn ferns appear attractive yet are relatively easy to grow. The interesting thing about them is that they have a minimal root system and can grow on trees or attached to pieces of wood.

Everlasting daisies (Xerochrysum bracteatum)

This low-maintenance native flower comes in a variety of colors and blossoms from late spring to early autumn. They prefer sandy soil and a lot of sun and can create that stunning meadow effect in your garden.

Fan palm (Licuala ramsayi)

This palm tree is very easy to grow and is also a popular indoor plant. It prefers well-drained soil but it can adapt to various outside conditions. With fan-like lush fronds, it can create a pleasant shade in your garden.

Grass tree (Xanthorrhoea australis)

An iconic Australian plant, a grass tree is a shrub that is perfectly suitable for rockeries and will thrive in sunny positions. 


Known for its profuse flowers and for being low-maintenance, it’s no wonder Grevillea is so popular all over the country. It blooms all year-round and prefers well-drained soils and sunny positions where it thrives.

Happy wanderer (Hardenbergia violacea)

These climbing shrubs or trailers are familiar for their spearhead-like leaves and clusters of small purple flowers. It needs well-drained soil and full sun or semi-shade position and it can be trained to go over a fence while trailing species will make gorgeous ground covers.

Kangaroo paw (Anigozanthos)

The most native among all native plants, a kangaroo paw is essential to any Australian garden. This plant prefers slightly acidic soil and will grow best in sun positions. Known for its characteristic, tubular flowers that come in a range of formidable colors, this easy-to-maintain plant will make a great addition to any native landscape.

Lilly pilly (Syzygium smithii)

This medium-size tree requires well-composted soil although it’s adaptable to other conditions as well. It owes its distinctive appearance to edible pink fruits and white tiny flowers and is the most common choice for hedge or topiary.


This low-maintenance and hardy creeper is probably one of the most popular of its kind in Australia at the moment. Its trumpet-like flowers are truly magnificent and come in a range of colours. Pandorea prefers well-drained and moist soil and needs lots of sun.

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