At that time of the year, we can see pine trees, poinsettia, and holly everywhere. Their green, red and silver colourings simply remind us that the festivities are about to begin.

Although those plants are wonderful and having them in our homes seems like an inevitable tradition, we encourage you to try out our native Australian species that will turn your Christmas wreath, table and all corners of your house into a joyfully decorated scene.


Magical Mistletoe 

Let’s begin with the one we all know – Mistletoe. Maybe you would be surprised to find out that there are more than 90 native Australian species of this plant that you can use in the Christmas decoration. If you plan on kissing someone under the mistletoe, try picking a few beautiful branches of Western Australian Christmas Tree (Nuytsia floribunda) for it. Their vivid yellow-orange flowers will bloom between October and January and they are very prominent in the landscape.


Lavish Sturt’s Desert Pea

This plant is recognised as a floral emblem of South Australia, but it grows well in most areas of Western Australia that have hot summers. Its big and spectacular red and black flowers can be cultivated in well-drained pots, sowed, and planted in hot weather. It resembles Mexican poinsettia, so it is a great native substitute for it.


Native Australian Holly 

Holly-leaf grevillea is a truly Christmassy plant. It looks like a European holly and it is perfect for the wreaths and as table ornament since its silver-grey bristly leaves support well any other flowers that you combine with them. Usually seen in South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, this plant is a relatively small bush that grows up to 1.5 meters tall. Plant it in the spring and fall so the lower temperatures and higher rainfall will make the holly bush settle well in its new location.


Florist Favorite For the Festive Season

Nothing brings the merry spirits better into our homes than various Christmas bushes that Australia has in its flora. The Victorian Christmas bush grows well in every part of the continent. It’s lovely white, pink or purple flowers bloom lavishly in the summer. Christmas Bush Bursaria Spinosa grows everywhere but in WA, and it’s numerous small star-shaped flowers are wonderfully fragrant.


Red and Green Kangaroo Paw – Kanga

Now, what to combine with the bushes and hollies for a perfect Christmas decoration? We want vibrant, rich and uniquely formed flowers that are not too big nor too small. Our favourite choice is Australia’s native – Kangaroo Paw. There are 11 species and multiple subspecies that covers our land, but for this occasion, we select the ones with the red flower known as Kanga Red. Cultivated easily in containers and gardens, this long-lasting evergreen plant is growing naturally only in the south-west of WA, but became widely available for the gardeners.


True Beauty As the Christmas Table’s Centerpiece – Christmas Orchid

And finally, what flower do we imagine to be a centrepiece of the table enchanting everyone with its delicate scent and appearance? It may be a beautiful Christmas Orchid. Native to the rainforests of Australia, it’s bold white flowers bloom in the summer. Perfectly well-adapted to living in the pot, it is a wonderful Christmas gift, also. Once you let the Christmas Orchid bathe your home with its fragrances, it will become the plant you want in your home all year long.

Each Australian state has its native Christmas tree or bush. You can make it even more traditional and personal by choosing to implement a native plant from your area into the festive home décor!

Victoria: Prostanthera lasianthos is a small tree that grows from 2-10 meters tall.

Queensland: Calanthe triplicata – known as the Christmas orchid.

New South Wales: Ceratopetalum gummiferum is a shrub which grows up to 5 meters and has wonderful white star-shaped blooms.

Western Australia: Nuytsia floribunda also known as Western Australian Christmas tree.

South Australia: Bursaria spinosa is a small tree with the heart-shaped seed capsules.

Tasmania: Blandfordia punicea known as Christmas bells with red bell-shaped flowers and 1-meter height flower stalk.


Contact our Gardeners for a Lovely Christmas Plant Collection

Artview Landscapes gardeners know each Christmas plant to its core. Where it can or can’t grow and what does it need to survive – it’s all familiar to us. Therefore, we can help you to choose the perfect ones for your garden and home. Contact us today and share the details on your garden, and we will get back to you real soon with the Christmas planting suggestions. 

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