In Australia, people have a special bond with their outdoor areas. Blessed with all year round nice weather in most parts, we tend to spend a lot of time in the gardens and backyards. Over the years, they became an essential part of the property for many. 

If you are selling your property, having a representable garden which was nicely taken care of can increase the value of your site. Even though we were said to focus on the interiors more when selling, landscape design is proven to have an equal or more important effect on the buyer. If we just think about it for a second, it makes total sense, because while the house deteriorates over the years, the garden just becomes richer, more beautiful and visually appealing. Of course, that’s only achievable with proper garden maintenance.

Good Landscaping for Added Value

When you are selling your property, its presentation is the strongest element for a good first impression. If you have a nice garden with a tasteful plant selection, you don’t have to worry about it. Knowing that good landscaping garden design and garden maintenance require time and money, the symbiosis and quality of these two can increase the price of your property.

Apart from aesthetically pleasing outdoor areas, it is important that the plant placement is logical as well as attractive, so the watering and other maintenance procedures could be performed in an organised manner. This methodical approach is valued by any buyer, not just the committed garden lovers like us. 

Gain a Buyer’s Trust by Presenting a Maintained Outdoors

If your garden is tidy, it is usually expected that the indoors are kept in the same manner. When you are selling a property, you are offering a whole package, and with a maintained garden, that package is topped with a nice satin ribbon. Bright colours, healthy plants, mowed lawn and trimmed bushes and hedges are the elements that you want to have in your garden. As long as the maintenance is regular and adequate, the plants will continue to grow and develop in the right direction. Even the tiny garden with unimpressive flowers and a couple of bushes can achieve that “wow” effect if it was properly nurtured and supported. 

Things to Avoid Having in Your Garden When Selling a Property

Anything that can harm a visual curb of your garden should be removed from it. Broken pots, dead trees or bushes alongside rubbish will certainly make things look worse. Make sure to dedicate some time in exploring your garden appearance, because if your buyer is faced with neglected outdoors, you can lose integrity and trust. In case you have some woodworks that need repainting or a stone fountain that requires cleaning, deal with it on time, and you will achieve the result you are hoping for.

Hire a Professional Garden Maintenance and Landscaping Service Team

We have been taking care of Sydney area gardens for more than 20 years, so we know how a nicely maintained garden should look. In case you want to add some features to your garden and increase the value of your property, we are at your service for commercial and residential landscaping design alongside maintenance. If you want to go a step further, we offer various rockeries and woodworks installations that will turn your backyard into a private paradise. 

With our professional team, even the smallest changes in garden design can contribute a lot to its overall appearance and atmosphere. Give us a call today and rely on our creative and experienced Artview Landscapes team!


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