Spending time outside is becoming more and more popular. People want to turn their gardens into a space for enjoyment and for that you usually need the help of professional landscapers. So, if you want to make an oasis in front of your home, Artview Landscapes is here to turn your vision into reality.

But before we start transforming your space, let us introduce you to five latest landscaping trends. You might find something that fits your taste and we can adjust it to suit your garden.


Lavender All-Around

If you are a regular Internet user, you must have noticed the popularity of lavender this year. There is a solid reason for that. Lavender has a colour that matches almost everything. It is perfect-looking but also useful. The scent of lavender is well-known for its relaxing and insect-repelling properties. On top of everything, it requires minimum efforts for the maintenance and it is eco-friendly.

Some of the most popular magazines named 2020 the year of Lavender, so it’s no wonder this landscaping trend spread all around. Our advice would be to plant it around the walls. This way you will make a good contrast thanks to its purple colour. When it comes to this trend, balance is the key.


Vertical Gardening Landscape Design

Vertical gardening is one of the most creative ways to make a perfect landscape when you have limited space. Another name for this design is living walls. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they do not only produce oxygen for the environment but create an aesthetically pleasing effect.

However, only certain types of plants are suitable for the project, so the best thing is to consult with a professional landscaper.


An Urban Oasis

The urban oasis is usually placed within buildings. Whether it is a small part of the garden or your terrace or a rooftop, you can make it look urban and cosy. The point of this landscape design is to reduce the usage of grass. This way, you will create a space that visually looks more spacious. Instead of grass, use urban materials like stone or wood.

Also, the key to this design is to use high-quality products. Since you won’t have much decor it is necessary to make everything according to the space measurements. With this design, you are investing in quality, not quantity.


Designing With Decorative Mulch

Decorative mulch became very popular this year. There are two reasons for that — it is visually appealing and practical. First of all, with mulch, you can create everything you want. You can put it on the walls, on the ground and fill in empty space easily. Mulch comes in a variety of textures and colours and you can adjust it to the rest of your garden.

Now to the practical things. Mulch is a low-maintenance plant and there is no need to work a lot to make it look nice. It is also organic and bio-degradable which means it adds nutrients back into the soil, making other plants healthier. Lastly, this is the best way to protect your outdoor plants during the winter, since we are talking about nature’s best isolator.


Focal Point Landscape Design

The focal point is an area that draws people to it and brings the whole yard together. You can choose everything, from small tables and chairs to big fountains. That is the beauty of focal point design. You can choose the thing you prefer the most and make it the centre of your outdoor space.

If you like to gather your friends and family, choose a table and barbecue set. If you want to enjoy and have a zen place, choose a fountain and surround it with different plants. It is all up to you.

If any of these landscaping designs draw your attention, feel free to contact our Sydney landscapers and we will discuss every little detail and help you create the perfect outdoor place.

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