Homeowners all over Australia love spending their time in outdoor living areas. Due to largely agreeable climate, an afternoon backyard barbecue can easily turn into an all-night-long relaxed chat with friends.

When we decide to arrange the garden alone or hire our favourite landscapers and gardeners, we want our ideas to come to life. Besides having an intimate oasis from your dreams, it is important to create a highly functional space that can be sustainable and relished for years to come. We prepared a few trendy tips for you to help you make up your mind in case you are looking for a garden makeover.


Green Balcony and Rooftop Space

Having a large part of the population living in apartments, a rooftop or balcony garden is becoming a tool for a quick nature get-away. Anytime we want. As the gardening and landscaping systems evolved in the most practical manner, we have easy access to it’s long-lasting and low-maintenance components. The thing is that the pavers (which replaced the demanding grass) and the roof are not concreted or glued together, so we can easily pick up a paver, do the maintenance and return it to the pod where it lays. A waterproof membrane is covering the roof so it can all be so conveniently done nowadays.


Patio Paver Designs

When we talk about low-maintenance gardens, which for most of us, is a good way to go, paver installation is becoming the hottest trend in 2020. The global rise of the temperature makes it hard for the greenery to develop and stay healthy during a cruel summer season, and watering is becoming more and more limited. So, the pavers seem to be the next best thing. 

And how about placing a fountain in the centre of your garden with the stepping stones guiding us to it? It’s an old-new solution that will dominate the gardens once again. And we think it’s great!


Bringing Indoors to Outdoors 

As the times change, the landscaping and gardening tendencies are changing with it. Our gardens became the most desirable outdoor space, so a need to make them as homely as possible can come naturally. 

That is why bringing in the interior décor furnishing exteriors is becoming a popular solution. Outdoor rugs, sofas, and cushions alongside the whole lounge and kitchen areas are continuing to adorn Australian gardens. Especially loved by the younger population, it is expected that this way of exterior furnishing will introduce many bold, exotic, and colourful ideas to our garden designs.


Growing Edible Plants Beside Decorative Ones

Now, when we talk about practical, there is a great trend that you can follow called Foodscaping or edible landscaping. This is a great way for us to come closer to nature but also cut our costs of living in metropolitan areas. Can you imagine having a sustainable source of organic and healthy foods in your backyard, balcony, or rooftop garden?


Our Landscaping Specialists Can Create Your Dream Garden

Don’t just daydream, because creating your dream garden is easier than you might think. Also, don’t be concerned that your stylish garden will become less trendy if you fill it with produce from a green market. Just think about it this way – once there was grass, now strawberries and blueberries can grow freely, and fruit trees can be planted instead of palms, pines, or oaks. 

It is a wonderful picture to paint and we at Artview Landscapes garden design are willing to help you. Send an enquiry to our landscaping and gardening specialist in Sydney today, and we will get back to you with the detailed plan in no time.

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