July, what a great time of year to do garden chores. It is a lot cooler and much more pleasant to finish different activities in your yard. This is a perfect time to prepare your garden for warmer upcoming months.

It is understandable if you are one of the people that are not too excited about that in the first place because of the cold weather, but don’t let that put you off. It would be a pity to miss the opportunity to finish a lot of useful garden work. Fit up yourself with comfy winter clothes and get to work. 

We wanted to help you organize yourself in this endeavour, so we created a little guide for gardening. In case you don’t know where to start, these tips will help you learn more about what your July gardening calendar should include:

What to Plant?

Trees like liquidambar jacaranda and magnolia should be planted in the full sun with good drainage. Timing is also perfect for camellias to burst into bloom and prepare to be blown away by polyanthus’s splash if you were clever to plant them a while ago.

Allow some room for them to grow. Pick up fallen leaves to prevent pests and insects from building up. Before planting mix compost through the soil and you are all set. Also, it is an ideal time to grow veggies and herbs such as coriander or rosemary. You will make yourself a gorgeous sensation for the upcoming months. 

Of course, if you don’t want to grow vegetables, you should pay attention to the flower plants that are active during winter-like spring bulbs and flowering hedges. Make sure they have enough water and that will reward you in the spring with colourful blossoms.

Maintenance of Trees and Shrubs

Pruning deciduous trees and shrubs, such as roses, hydrangeas and fruiting trees is best done in the middle of the winter. Pruning blossom trees like Prunus and spring flowering shrubs should be done after the flowers have faded. You don’t want to take all the blossoming buds, so avoid pruning now. If you find it difficult to prune roses or other trees you can always hire landscaping professionals who will finish everything easily and in no time.

Take Care of Your Lawn 

This is a great time to carry out some running repairs on your lawn. When you are through with the garden tool maintenance and cleaning, which is very important to prevent the spread of disease, you are ready to take care of your lawn properly. If you didn’t have time to do lawn mowing in June then now is the time to do so. It is best to use a handful of garden lime per square meter. The lawn should be watered deeply once a week if there is no rain and pull out weeds. If all this sounds complicated, our professional lawn services in Sydney will gladly put your lawn in order.

Don’t Forget the Pest Control 

All of your pest control efforts can be resolved effortlessly if you contact a our Sydney landscaping experts, who will spare you any troubles.

Despite it is wintertime, your garden doesn’t have to be drab and lifeless. As you can see some plants can grow and flower even during the coldest months, and also there is a way to nurture and preserve your greenery during July. We are concluding that if you follow this short guide, your garden will look amazing in spring.

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