A lawn water system aids in water conservation, which saves you money. It also minimises plant diseases and preserves nutrients in the soil. Overall, it can help improve the aesthetics of your home, which, in turn, adds value to it. Although you can do it yourself, it’s still wise to consult with a professional regarding the installation of a lawn water system. 

Diagrams and Water Pressure

To install a lawn water system, a map of your garden is necessary. Although you may draw one yourself, it’s better to get professional help. Incorporate trees and other barriers. Once this is done, inspect your water pressure. This can be done by fastening a pressure gauge to the outside tap, then taking out the gauge and using the tap to fill a 19-litre bucket that’s empty. To determine the flow rate in litres per minute, time how long it takes the bucket to fill. 

Plotting and Assembling

Plot the irrigation system’s path using your map. Use many loops rather than a single stretch for covering expansive regions. On your map, you can then mark the locations of the sprinkler heads, being careful to leave enough room for overlap so that the radius of each head covers the whole region. Based on how many loops you’ve included in your irrigation arrangement, assemble the zone valve. A timer and pipes that link to each valve should be connected to the valve assembly.


To ensure that the sprinkler heads are flat with the ground, dig trenches that are sufficiently deep. Additionally, excavate a location for the zone valve assembly next to the tap. Install the sprinkler heads in accordance with your plant and lay the pipe or hoses for the system. If you wish to attach the tap and the connecting line to the valve assembly, turn off both the water and the electricity to your house. Install a control box outside to operate the watering system. Run a wire from the breaker box if necessary.

Final Connections

Finally, before connecting the valve wires to the control box, attach the valve assembly to the tap. Power, water, and the irrigation system should all be turned on. Once you are certain there are no leaks, backfill the trenches with dirt. 

We believe that If you want to maintain your garden, you must water it regularly. Because of how little time we have in today’s busy world to properly maintain our outside spaces, many opt to employ our Sydney lawn watering system installation services. Our team at Artview Landscapes guarantees to provide you with both exceptional service and high-quality parts for your lawn water system. Contact us today to enquire about your own personalised installation.

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