The exciting thing about garden design is that you have so many options. From picking out every tree, wildflower, wall and fence, through preparing the ground, to combining it to create a garden of your dreams, there are many instances you need to pay attention to.

One element that will give your yard the exact structure and looks you are hoping to achieve is the right choice of the shrub. These come in many sizes, shapes, and various flowers and foliages. All of these categories are something to take into account while selecting the right shrub for your little paradise.

To help you make your decision, we have singled out criteria for shrub selections we consider relevant.

Shape and Size of the Shrub

In regards to shape, shrubs usually have a rounded form. But this is far from your only option. Some can be pruned into the shape of your choice, shrubs with low outward branches (prostrate), and the weeping ones (with branches droop downward). If you don’t have too much space, there are also dwarf versions of plants, which brings us to the question of size.

Getting the right size is crucial not only for the design but also when the time comes for garden maintenance. You should make sure that you can handle this plant, and that it will flatter trees and flowers sitting close to it.

Placement and Closeness to the Surrounding Plants

Keeping your eye on proximity between the plants and their place in the garden can also get you to the solution for your garden. This is a more complex issue since it involves estimating if that large plant is casting a shade on smaller flowers and if that is suitable for it. Some plants will enjoy less sun exposure, but you should probably ask which ones.

Picking the right place is also influenced by size. For example, larger shrubs are better for climate control during the cold season, while small ones will sit beautifully next to paths and walkways. For these kinds of choices, you may need professional assistance. To use your space efficiently and enjoy creative landscapes, you can rely on our gardening experts.

Suitable Climate

Not all of the shrubs will grow perfectly under different climate conditions. In case you wish for some exotic plant from the south in your garden on the north, you shouldn’t expect it to grow to its maximum. Instead of that, choose some cold-tolerant bushes. Same goes in the opposite direction. And, by doing so, you will have stronger and healthier plants and make your garden maintenance less complicated.

Shrub Foliage Colour

Colour of the foliage, and flowers as well, influence the general visual impression of your garden. The gardening market includes so many variations in colour that you will enjoy their abundance throughout each season. With flowers, this selection is even greater. You can pick from all of the basic colours to the unusual patterns.

Leaves come in almost every possible shade of green, red and yellow, and some of the species can have them almost black. The same is true for the evergreens – they will vary from green to even soft blue. Depending on the design of your garden, some of them may flatter your garden in multiple ways, so you shouldn’t discard even the ideas that may seem unusual. Even if you prefer your backyard maintained and designed by the classical standards, with suggestions of professionals you may change your mind. And, if you are looking for such a gardening expert, we are right here. Our dedicated designers are ready to contribute to creating and improving your landscape, and in some way, your quality of living.

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