The favourite season of many, spring is the time of year when aromatic scents and magnificent colours establish their reign supreme. And we all want the fair share of that in our own backyards. When it comes to gardens, the plant combinations are almost endless, but if you’re eager to see your flowers bloom, you’ll need to provide them with a lot of sunlight, water, and other necessary care. Below, we discuss some actionable tips on how to prepare your garden for spring, so make sure you’re well informed before you start planting!

Get Rid Of The Weed

Start preparing your garden by pulling out any weed that survived through the winter. We suggest you do this manually for the best results, but you can also use some herbicide, especially if a larger area of your property is affected.

Enrich The Soil

If you haven’t already done it, now is the time to improve the quality of soil by adding compost or some other organic matter to it, such as cow manure for instance. Digging through the topsoil, on the other hand, will aerate it, which will also prepare it for future planting.

Renovate Your Lawn

You can lay a new lawn or renovate your old one; the point is to provide your garden with that neat and balanced look that will inspire serenity, emotional balance, and good mood.

Trim Your Plants

The general rule of thumb is that cutting one-third of the plant won’t do it any harm but rather create more room for new growth, so don’t be reluctant to grab those pruning shears and get down to it!

Plan Ahead

If you want your plants to thrive, you need to know their requirements so that you can plant them in the best places in your garden and give them everything they need. This includes the amounts of water they need, the type of soil they require, establishing an adequate fertilising routine, etc.

Decide Whether You Wish To Grow From Seeds Or Not

While rewarding and surprisingly affordable, growing from seeds is also time-consuming and a bit risky. Advanced plants, on the other hand, are more expensive yet more immediate. Of course, it’s all up to you, but some general advice would be to buy bigger plants if they are slow-growing, and the smaller ones if they are fast-growing.

Plant Summer Annuals

Now would be the perfect time to plant those petunias, salvias, or begonias you’ve always wanted to have in your garden!

Plant Trees And/Or Shrubs

This is a great time to plant any trees and shrubs of your choice because they will need time to establish themselves before it becomes too hot.

Make Sure You’re Watering Your Plants Regularly

As you probably know, following a strict watering routine is essential not only for your plant’s establishment but for the future growth as well. Also, you should use a liquid fertiliser at least once a month.

Reset Irrigation Timers…

…And make sure they are well functioning.

Don’t Forget To Mulch

The mulch has to be organic, preferably sugarcane or a pea straw for a better chance to preserve the soil moisture and keep the weed at bay. Ideally, it should be 75mm thick, which is enough to act as an insulating blanket.

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