How to Maintain Your Garden During Autumn?

Maintaining properly your garden during fall means not only less work when spring comes, but it is also beneficial for your plants in many ways. Just by seeding and sodding, you will help them grow bigger and healthier. However, that is not the only aspect of garden maintenance to have in mind.

To learn more about that, we will introduce you to several ways of keeping up your garden during the autumn and preparing it for the winter. 

Clean the Borders and Leftover Crops

If you are looking at your backyard and wondering where to start, clearing the borders is always a good idea. You can tidy up any of the leaves and stems that have fallen from the trees, clear up the weeds and place manure or compost over the soil. That way you will protect the plant roots over the winter. You shouldn’t leave any of the spent plants because they can attract diseases and pests.

Collect the Leaves

This is one very important instance when it comes to autumn garden cleaning. You should clear your lawn and pathways from the leaves. They can have a negative influence on plants and trees in your garden, and smother the grass as well. Like the crops, they can be a source of diseases that can significantly damage plant roots.

Repair What is Broken

Check out your compost bins, beds and sheds, and repair any damage you may encounter. Some types of wooden fences can succumb to weather conditions and start rooting in some parts, so that is also something to inspect. Make sure to replace, repair and paint your fence to protect it during winter. Do not leave behind potential gaps on your shed roof and greenhouse.

Trim the Lawn and Add Some Evergreens

One significant element in garden maintenance is trimming and tidying the lawn. You should leave the grass a few inches longer over the winter, so make sure your mower blades are set slightly higher. After mowing, use the garden fork and make deep holes in the even intervals (10cm is the best) and improve the aeration and drainage. That way your grass will be better prepared for the upcoming summer stress. Do not forget to cut the edges around paths with a knife to keep clean lines.

To make your garden attractive even during the wintertime, you should incorporate some evergreen plants. They will create a specific atmosphere and the eye suiting structure. However, this can change the entire looks of your garden, so you might need the assistance of a professional. If that is the case, our Sydney landscape service is at your disposal. We will provide original and artistic solutions, and materialize the garden you have envisioned.

Dig Up Sensitive Species

During the spring and summer, you have probably enjoyed some exotic and sensitive plant species that demand special treatment during harsh winter months. Frost is their biggest threat, so they will need to be processed delicately. For example, you should clean the soil from lovely dahlias by gently lifting them, and place them in the compost. This way you will preserve them for spring replanting.

At the end, when your garden is clean and clear from any risks that come with winter, you will have plenty of time to think about new specimens you’d like to include in it, and even rearrange them. Whether you are undertaking some bigger constructions or simple cosmetic changes, you may need professional assistance. Sydney landscaping service that we provide can help you create a garden that fits your needs and personal taste.

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