Winter is not the best friend of outdoor plants, that’s for sure. The days are shorter, light is very limited and temperature can change in just a couple of minutes. All of this sounds like your plants cannot survive the wintertime. But they can! You’ve already put too much effort into them, so with our simple gardening tips, your plants will be safe during the winter.


Regular Watering to Prevent Frost Damage

One of the worst things that can happen to your plant is dry soil. The only way to prevent it is with regular watering. That will help with the root temperature since water is a natural insulator. But keep in mind that during the wintertime you need to do deep watering, not just the regular one. With deep watering, you will allow water to go in the depth of six or more inches and this way roots will be able to fully absorb it.

There is one more tip we want to give you about this part. When you see on the forecast that the temperature will be low, water your plants the night before. This way the soil will be wet and it will remain warm during the cold days.


Double Check the Pot Material

Pot material is extremely important during the winter. You have to make sure that each plant is in the plastic pot. When temperatures go low, clay pots will break and the plant will eventually dry out.

On the other hand, plastic pots will protect the roots, and they are the most important part of each plant. Once the warmer weather comes again, you can dig them out and plant them back directly into the soil.


Use Mulch as a Barrier

Mulch is a natural isolator. If you place it over your plants during the winter, it will hold the heat and moisture longer. This is also one of the most affordable methods you can use and it works excellent.


Place Covers Over Your Plants

There is another way to make sure moisture and temperature stay as they are supposed to during the winter — plant covers. They are compact, and when the winter passes you can store them for the next year easily.

Of course, the best possible protection is to combine plant cover with the mulch. This way you will double plant protection and the soil will remain in the perfect condition.

Although we always recommend the ones that are designed for plants, if you are in a hurry you can use simple things like bedsheets, shade netting, and light blankets to make DIY plant covers that will work just fine. Just remember that you need to find sticks and put them around the plant if you are using sheets as cover. Never place them directly on the plant.


Don’t Leave Exotic Plants in the Garden

If you are a person whose garden is full of colourful exotic plants, you want to make sure to provide them with a safe, indoor space and maintain them in a good condition until spring comes. This may sound strange, but for tropical plants, the bathroom is the perfect choice during the winter. There is enough humidity to keep them alive and the temperature is just perfect.


Carefully Choose Garden Plants

If you are just organising your garden, be careful about the plants you choose. If you want to have a healthy garden all the time, go with plants that bloom in the spring. For example, tulips and lilies are perfect as garden flowers. They are pretty when they flower and they will remain in good condition during the winter.


If all of this sounds like too much job, you can always contact us. Artview Landscapes will make sure that your garden is perfect every day of the year. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate. Contact us and our Sydney landscapers will gladly discuss the best solution for your garden during the wintertime.

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