Having to deal with a messy garden can be an excellent thing to spend your free time and relax. But it can also be frustrating if you have no idea how to start and in which direction to go. That is the reason we prepared some tips and tricks on how to organise and fix messy gardens during the summertime.

Of course, if you believe you don’t have the required skills, or you simply don’t want to spend your time on organisation, Artview Landscapes is here to the rescue. We have numerous services regarding the outdoor design and we will gladly help you with the organisation. But, if you want to free your creativity and inspiration we can go straight to the advice.


Determine the Plan

If you do not have a strategy and a plan, it is most likely you will quit all the work at the beginning. How can you make a plan? It is simple, you need to take into consideration some of the following things and once you answer these questions, you will know what to do.

How messy it actually is? This way you will know exactly how much time you need to fix it. How big is your yard? Once you take this into consideration, you will know if you can do all that job in one day, or this has to be a project that will last for a couple of days. Do you even have that time? Now when you know how messy and big your yard is, see if you actually have enough time to finish all the work. If not, seek professional help.

Lastly, make a strategy. Where you want to begin and how you want to finish. Always have a vision in your mind and stick to it.


Evening Out Minor Bumps and Hollows

If you are struggling with bumps and hollows in the yard, start by evening them out. This will prevent future messes and it will be much easier to maintain the outdoor space after. 

  • Cut through the uneven patch
  • Put the base over that and remove excess soil (if you don’t want to remove it, add new on top to raise the level)
  • Firm down that soil and make sure it is all even
  • Check everything to make sure it nice and even
  • Water everything and take a little break until all of that is setted


Get Rid of Ratty Leaves

Bugs, diseases and heat take oftentimes cause spotted and streaked leaves, that are browning and curling. Of course, plants like that do not look nice at all, so you have to get rid of that first.

Although most leaf damage is temporary, it can make your garden look very bad and unmaintained. So, there is nothing wrong with removing them, since those leaves will fall anyway.

Once you remove it, make sure to maintain the healthy one and keep your summer garden in perfect condition. You can do that with some DIY products against bugs and regular watering to keep the soil moisture on the highest levels.


Work on the Shape

This is the part you need to save for the end. Once you prepare the ground, make sure everything is healthy and moistened, you have to shape your plants and make them look beautiful.

Trees, shrubs, and tropical plants can grow too big and easily lose shape. If that happens, your yard will look messy no matter what you do. So, summer is the perfect time to reshape them a little bit.

There is one extremely important thing you have to know. When you are cutting off the edges of the plant, wounds create more moisture loss. This means that the plant has bigger chances to become dry and once you cut them, you have to water them more than usual.

That said, don’t be afraid to make light summer cuts above branches and control the shape, but don’t forget that extra watering.

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