The watering system that we use for our gardens continuously develops, improves, and becomes more practical. However, watering our plants can sometimes represent a chore that we really want to avoid.

Nowadays, the irrigation system that we can easily instal at our premises is more than efficient. The timer that enables an automatic watering, customisable operations that water only the area in need, and the durable and high-quality watering equipment provide an economical and time-friendly solution. If the manual watering system has become too much work, or you simply want to add some other innovative irrigation mechanism in your garden, there is more than one option. 

We will give you a few updates on how you can adopt various watering solutions to your needs and get the most of it.


Effective Drip or Trickle Irrigation

First, you need to determine what kind of watering and irrigation system your green area requires. The first one is drip irrigation, which is also the most popular solution. It feeds the plant root directly by “dripping” water gradually into it. That is how you directly hydrate your plants without having to spray the entire surface. It is by far the best use of water, and also, the system is fixed so that the sprinkle does not stray very far which reduces the weed growth. This system requires a professional installation process which needs to be done with the utmost precision. Also, drip irrigation needs regular maintenance more than other sprinkler systems.


The Closest to a Rainfall – a Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler irrigation is considered to be the opposite of drip. The water is supplied in the form of a sprinkler shower that is installed over the plants. There are numerous sprinklers on the market, but most of them have the same purpose and similar mechanism. 

One of their biggest advantages is that they can be applied in any area. If you have a large demanding garden, sprinkler irrigation is the best solution and long-term investment for you. 

The installation itself can be a bit expensive, but once that part is over, your costs will dramatically lower once the sprinklers are in motion. Also, keep in mind that they rely on gravity and natural slope, so the strong winds can and will change the direction of the splash.


The Oldest Method of Watering – Surface or Flood Irrigation

Surface irrigation introduces the mixture of the other two and it represents the most common watering system throughout Australia. It gently pours water onto the ground making your soil and plants absorb water as fast as they need to. This ‘’flooding’’ system is the oldest one and it doesn’t require advanced technology to operate successfully. The full price that you pay for setting it up at your property is the most affordable one. Since a great deal of surface irrigation utilizes rainwater, it is important to adapt the shape of your green area to the positioning of the pipes, holes and their sizes. If there is too much water covering your greenery, the effect could reverse.

Since Australia is the driest inhabited continent on Earth despite being surrounded by water, wasting it is highly undesirable. So, be smart with how you deal with the watering your garden by getting to know the needs of your plants, the soil quality and by using alternative water sources. One of those includes the installation of a rainwater tank.


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