No matter how beautiful and neat your garden is, there is always a possibility that the bugs could ruin your hard work and garden’s appearance. You could keep wondering for days what’s wrong with your plants and discover after a while that the significant damage was already done. The problem is that a lot of insects could be almost invisible to the human eye, but they certainly leave telltale signs.

In Australia, we have a long list of common garden pests. Some which fall under the category of bugs are certainly a squash bug, stinkbug, aphids or thrips. They simply adore to feast on our wonderful flowers and vegetables, and it is our responsibility to keep them away from the plants, so they could grow happy and pretty. Luckily, there are few efficient ways to do so and we are here to share them with you.

Take Proper Care of Your Garden and Keep the Bugs Away

The bugs are naturally more attracted to those plants that are already damaged and stressed. Therefore, one of the priorities is to keep all of them healthy. Having good soil is a great way to start – fertile, loamy, with the right pH.  The biggest favour that you can do for your plants, but also yourself is to go for organic soil instead of various chemicals treatments. Other beneficial things include adequate nutrition for the soil and keeping the roots properly hydrated. Last but not least, you should do the weeding regularly. If the aforementioned procedures seem like a proper chore sometimes, keep in mind that you have a professional pest control landscaping team by your side. We are familiar with multiple garden maintenance methods that encourage the plants’ growth and right development, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us whenever you need professional assistance.

Companion Planting – Repel the Unwanted Garden Visitors

Experienced gardeners know that certain plants can help each other if growing together. For example, some attract favourable insects, while others act exactly the opposite – as repellents. If you are more into vegetables, you may find several bug-resistant varieties that keep the bugs away themselves, but flowers, on the other hand, may need some help and support. So, by growing certain types of plants (especially herbs) next to more delicate flowers, they can protect them from bugs and other pests.

Lavender and its wonderful scent are responsible for repelling bugs but attracting friendly and beloved bees. Especially suitable for drier climates, lavender is a great choice for Australian gardeners. Another popular solution is Rosemary due to its low maintenance and wide usage in cooking. What’s important is to know exactly which plant species are compatible to grow together in harmony, and that is where we can be helpful. Besides advising about plant selection, we can take care of the whole planting process and ongoing maintenance.

Regular Plants Check-ups – Your Peace of Mind

Certain bugs breed extremely fast and it is important to react before it’s too late. That’s why plant inspection is a great idea. Once you notice specific issues, it’s crucial to determine the cause. Maybe the damage is just cosmetic, or possibly the bugs that you encountered are harmless or there to help, so getting rid of them could be a bad idea.

By hiring a professional garden maintenance service in Sydney, you don’t have to worry about making any mistakes. We are here to do the right thing and we have all the necessary knowledge and experience to keep your garden bug-free as long as you need. In case you are going for a vacation or a longer trip, you can entrust us with taking care of your garden and relax knowing that your plants are in safe hands.

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