With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about getting your garden into tip-top shape for the festivities!

If you’re hosting lunch this year, then you’ll want to start tidying up and preparing now, so that you can relax in the week before Christmas knowing your garden is ready to welcome your friends and family.

Here are our top garden maintenance tips for Christmas.

1. Prune

Winter into early spring is the best time for pruning, and you should now be reaping the benefits of a good cut-back. However, a quick prune at this time of year will ensure that your garden looks colourful, tidy and neat.

  • Snip off all dead flowers and leaves.
  • Pull up any plant that looks a bit sad or cold-affected.
  • Cut back perennials and give them a chance to re-flower.

2. Spring clean

We’re all guilty of holding onto extra pots and rickety furniture in the hope that, one day, they may come in useful! In the lead-up to Christmas, de-clutter and tidy up your garden and entertaining area.

  • Check out your garden furniture and replace or clean.
  • Look up under eaves and awnings for cobwebs.
  • Get out the broom or pressure washer and give pavers or decking a good going over to remove dirt and any leaf debris.
  • Throw away old pots and planters or containers that may fill with water – you don’t want to breed mozzies to invite to Christmas lunch!

3. Maintain your lawn

A beautiful lawn is the centrepiece of any fabulous garden, and you’ll want it at its finest, deepest green come Christmas morning.

  • Throw on a quick liquid fertiliser if your turf looks a bit brownish in patches – this can green it up in just three days.
  • Water, mow, trim. And repeat, as Christmas edges closer.

4. Add a burst of colour

Ready-planted hanging baskets are a great way to add pops of colour at the last minute to wow your guests on arrival.

  • Buy petunias, impatiens and begonias in pots for a splash of colour around your entertaining area.
  • Plant seedlings of salad greens now, and you can serve them as part of Christmas lunch!


Getting your garden into shape doesn’t have to be a big job if you start now! And if you’d like some expert help with pruning, lawn care and planting, contact us. Our garden maintenance services make having a Christmas-ready garden easy and stress-free!

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