Roses are available from your local garden centre, so buy now to ensure a wide variety. Roses should be planted with the root stock union just above soil level.

Make sure you have a wide hole so that the roots can spread out in their natural position.

Mix a little poultry manure with the planting soil. If required, stakes need to be hammered into position prior to backfilling. This avoids damaging the roots. Water well. 

This is usually the month when the first signs of bindii appear. Spray the carrot-like weeds with a selective herbicide such as Bin Die. For best results, use a sprayer that delivers a fine mist, spray when dry and not windy. Bin Die can be used on clover, creeping oxalis and other broad leaf weeds. Use Winter Grass Killer or Endothal to control winter grass. Always follow the recommended application and safety instructions. 

Make sure to clean out all those fallen autumn leaves from gutters, downpipes and drains to prevent overflow problems during heavy downpours.



  •  Improve your soil by adding organic matter such as cow manure, mushroom compost, botany humus etc. If you have clay soil also add gypsum.
  •  Check indoor plants as your heater could be drying them out. Some plants may need to be re-located to receive more light during the cooler months. Don’t over-water during the colder months.
  • At the first sign of rust (brown/orange pustules on the under side of leaves) spray with a suitable fungicide (eg. Zineb). 
  • Prune Camellia sasanqua to keep them dense. Don’t wait till the last flowers fall. It should be done as soon as the leaf buds begin to open.
  • Compost your Autumn leaves or put them straight onto the garden bed.
  • Control moss with either a proprietary brand of moss killer or apply Iron Sulphate.
  • Mowing is much less demanding this time of the year. Time to have your mower serviced.
  • Split, divide and replant perennials such as Agapanthus, Day Lily and Mondo Grass.
  • Once bulb foliage starts to emerge from the soil, start using liquid fertiliser. Protect your bulbs by controlling snails and slugs.  Do not create clumps of snail bait, sprinkle it lightly.
  • Plant deciduous fruit trees and grape vine now.
  • In the flower bed, plant Alyssum, Cineraria, Hollyhock etc.
  • In the vegetable bed, plant beetroot, cabbage, peas, potato, radish, silverbeet, spring onion, tomato etc.
  • When creating a formal garden, use straight lines or geometric shapes.  Ensure a level surface.
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