Being outdoors and having a great time in our backyards is what most of us appreciate. If you add some wonderfully scented plants and flowers to the garden, you will begin to enjoy yourself even more. They can be cultivated anywhere and with proper care, you will have a pool area from a magazine or a picturesque patio that you always dreamed of – enriched with an amazing smell!

We should place these wonderful plants where they will be appreciated the most – containers and pots by the front door, or near windows where we can feel the scent on the light breeze. If you have a walkway, planting them around it is a great idea. We will present you with some of the most beloved plants that are already enriching the gardens all over Australia. Unfortunately, we can’t share the fragrance through these pages, but we can help you decide which ones are ideal for you!


  • This tropical shrub has an exotic scent that will immediately transfer you to the lonely, sandy Hawaii beach. It blooms in the summer and it gives their signature scent in the spring. Since they love the sun, it is best to plant Frangipani (Plumeria Rubra) in the clay pots if you plan on moving them during the colder months. There is an Australian-native version (Hymenosporum flavum) which, luckily, has the same recognizable scent.


With a citrus you will have a fresh and vivid scent alongside delicious fruit. Citrus plants usually flower in summer, but certain lemon trees will do so all year round. They need a lot of moisture and sun, so the pot solution applies for citrus, also. No matter if you choose lime, lemon or orange, the fragrance will be enjoyed by everyone.


Even though we expect from each rose to have good perfume, that is not the case. For example, many hybrids that were produced in the past couple of years don’t have any scent at all. Much-loved David Austin rose has this old-fashioned romantic scent, and Boscobel has a similar one with an added “seductive” fragrance.

The example of wonderfully scented hybrid rose in Madame Anisette which brings in the touch of anise and liquorice. This truly amazing rose usually serves as a front yard plant since it is highly heat resistant.

And the one that appeared in 1964 and remained the favourite of many today is Mister Lincoln. Classic deep-red blooms can also stand a great heat, so you can plant these roses all around the house and enjoy their gorgeous and rich perfume.


We can’t really go around these, and why would we? Their creamy flowers with a satin feel have an enchanting fragrance. Ideal for a cottage or tropical set-up, their perfume is a mixture of some classical floral and musky scent. They require well-drained and humus-rich soil and can do well on the sun and in the shade.


Jasmine is one of the most popular plants in Australia and the reason for that might be its attractive smell. There are over 200 different species, so like with the roses, you need to be careful when picking the ones for fragrance. For example, Star Jasmine (Trachelospermum jasminoides) and Italian Jasmine (Jasminum floridum, J. humile) have that smell that you would probably expect – sweet, floral and strong. They are low-maintenance and from spring to late summer, it awards us with its white, delicate flowers. Because of the sandalwood note that Jasmine carries, it adds that mysterious feel to the garden.

Artview Landscapes offers garden maintenance for your existing greenery or an entirely new creative solution for your outdoors. To preserve the plant’s incredible fragrance, it needs proper care and nurture. Our experienced gardeners can recommend ideal back and front yard plants based on your requirements and wishes. 

Contact us today and turn your garden into a fragrance haven!

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