During fall your yard will require specific care, and that is especially true for your lawn. Moreover, there are several things you should do to keep the grass in your garden fresh and green even during harsh autumn weather.

Maintenance of your lawn doesn’t mean you will just take a mower and start going up and down your yard with it. Instead, you should carefully and meticulously prepare the grass for the following season. And to help you do that correctly we are here to share with you lawn mowing tips.  

Remove the Leaves and Cut Your Lawn Properly

Once the leaves start falling, you shouldn’t avoid cleaning them from your lawn. Foliage left rotting in your yard can cause severe damage to the grass. So, removing it is something you must do to keep your lawn healthy.

Now, a thing that can also affect the state of your green surface is how you cut the grass. To do this properly, you will have to raise the blade of your mower a little. You should make sure that the grass stays somewhere from 25 mm high. If you leave it longer, you are exposing it to the risks of winter mould, and other potential diseases. And, in case you would rather let the professionals handle this type of work, Artview Landscape specialists stand at your disposal.

Be Careful When Temperature Drops

As long as the temperature of the ground is higher than 5 degrees, your grass will continue growing. Still, once it starts dropping and the frost is expected, you should avoid lawn mowing. The same is true if the ground gets too wet after heavy rain. So, you should cut the grass only under suitable conditions.

Pay Attention To The Shady Areas

If you have hedge, shrubs or trees in your yard, they will probably cast a shade on some parts of your lawn. This means the grass in this area will receive less sunlight. Because of that, you will have to pay special attention to these parts of your lawn. To make sure the grass will have at least some sun exposure, you should trim shrubs and hedges and prune trees. Your lawn in these areas will grow slower, so you shouldn’t overcut it.

Don’t Forget Seeding

To protect your lawn from weeds, one of the better ideas is overseeding it. And, the fall is a perfect time of the year to do that. During this period the soil is still warm and it receives plenty of water. The grass will enjoy optimal conditions and have plenty of time to grow.

However, this is not as simple a task as it seems. The seeds need to be in full contact with the ground. The best way to achieve this is by using a slit seeder. Still, be careful not to tear up turfs.

Fertilise The Soil

Besides the water, to ensure your lawn will endure winter, you will have to add fertiliser to the soil. That way you will protect grassroots from freezing and provide them with enough energy to last until spring.

There are various sorts of fertilisers on the market, yet many lawn care specialists recommend slow-release nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. These substances will not just encourage growth, but also prevent diseases and improve resistance to cold.

In case all of this seems overwhelming to you and you would rather hire an expert to provide your yard care it deserves, you should contact our lawn mowing specialists. They will conduct all of the necessary work and make your garden look great even during harsh autumn and winter weather.

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