The soup and the casserole are cooling on the counter, while Parmigiana is beginning to sizzle in the oven. The table is already set up and everything is ready for a serving of delicious meals. 

Now, wouldn’t it be just great to add a few leaves of fresh rosemary, basil or parsley to your dishes?  Of course, and why not since it’s all so very easy? You can just go to your garden and pick them up. If you want to plant indoors, reach out to a pot by the window and add that spark to your home-made romantic dinner. Once you include fresh herbs in your regular meal preparation, you will discover the whole new world of sensational flavours. Our ancestors were using these herbs as remedies, medication and cosmetic ingredients, and luckily, the tradition is still very much alive today. 

Herbs cultivation is usually not very demanding or complex and most of the popular herbs will grow in all parts of Australia. After the frosts have passed, you can introduce your favourite herb seeds to the nutrient-rich soil.


Globally Favoured – Basil

Let’s start with delicious multipurpose herb adored by so many culinary amateurs and experts worldwide – one and only, royal Basil. Its juicy leaves will appreciate the full sunlight, moist soil and occasional pruning when the branch carries over eight leaves. Sow the seeds in the garden beds during spring and summer, or have this fragrant Italian-essential herb in the window pot all year round. Fresh basil gets along perfectly with pasta, pizza, various salads and even omelettes.

Health benefits of Basil: may reduce inflammation and pain, stress and depression, promotes cardiovascular health.


Evergreen Rosemary

Another incredibly aromatic and flavourful herb is Rosemary. Planted in the spring, but harvested all year long, this one is the easiest herb to grow. Just place the seeds in a nice sunny spot and well-drained soil, and it will give you as many tiny leaves as you want. It can grow pretty tall so if you plant it indoors, provide a wide, preferably clay pot. From foods like soups and stews to potatoes, lamb chops and backyard barbecue – woody Rosemary pairs well with many dishes.

Health benefits of Rosemary: can help hair growth, may help enhance memory and reduce liver damage.


Vigorous and Fruitful Mentha

We can find it in various drinks, meals, cosmetics and sweets. Yes, we are talking about cool, refreshing and wonderfully scented Mint. Grown from root division or stem cutting, this herb wants a mixture of sun and shade, moist, and well-drained soil for a fast flourish. Easily grown in gardens, pots and containers, this resourceful herb will be ready for you faster than you think. From home-made tea to spicy and fizzy Mojito, adding a few delicate Mint leaves will make us enjoy each sip. It goes well with salads, vegetables, sweets, and various sauces for meat dishes.

Health benefits of Mint: can relieve symptoms of cold, aid in breastfeeding, helps oral care


A Healer from The Ancient Times – Delicate Sage

We will finish with one which name in Latin indicates that it can ‘’save or heal’’. Sage has numerous curative properties, but also, it’s leaves can help to bring out the fuller taste of the roasted pork, chicken or veal. Planted during spring and summer, this easy-growing plant should be harvested just before the first flowers take a peek. Sage loves a lot of sun, drained soil and it is adaptive to indoor and outdoor growth. Its flowers attract the bees and having bees in the garden helps your other plants, but also the whole flora of your neighbourhood.

Health benefits of Sage: full of antioxidants, may support brain health and lower LDL cholesterol

Our Artview Landscapes gardening specialists are herb and plant savvy, so do not hesitate to contact us via an online form today if you have any questions related to your next gardening project.

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