Summer is a season that many people are looking forward to, but gardeners and garden lovers are probably not one of them. This especially applies if they live in a country of climate extremes, like Australia. Each plant reacts differently to harsh weather conditions, so it is important to dedicate some time and planning in advance for its survival.

The good news is that it is possible to maintain a beautiful garden throughout the summer without using any chemicals. We will suggest some efficient methods that can help your plant protect themselves and keep their development uncompromised during the dry period. Without further ado, let’s learn more about those.

Adequate Watering Time-schedule is the Essential

Many people tend to exaggerate when it comes to watering during intense heat periods. In most cases, that’s more harmful than beneficial. Roots and stems may get infected by fungal pathogens and cause the plant to rot. On the other hand, pests and bacterial diseases will become substantially attracted to these plants.

Avoid all this by simply checking if your plants require more water. Feel the soil and its characteristics, and inspect if the plant shows any sign of dehydration (leaves and stems start to droop and hang loosely, and flowers begin to wilt). What’s equally important is to determine the most suitable time for watering and stick to it.

Usually, it’s the morning but this varies from plant to plant. In Australia, we know how to value water pretty well, so having a sprinkler system installed in the garden can help you preserve more water by using it wisely. We offer professional design, installation, and maintenance of various watering systems, so contact us now for more information.

Keep Weeding One of Your Daily Routines

Weeds can get incredibly competitive when it comes to water consumption. If there is a lot of it, that means it can keep the other plants thirsty. To avoid that, you should regularly check for new weeds and remove it wherever it is necessary.

Another good reason to get rid of weed is that they are a perfect hiding place for the pests.  Since insects can cause a lot of damage and serve as transmitters of many viruses, it is every gardeners’ responsibility to keep them away from the plants. If you remove them as soon as possible, the chance that some serious damage was made is not so high.

Our professional garden maintenance team is offering a wide range of services, and weeding, watering alongside crucial pest control are certainly some of them. We can keep your garden beautiful and healthy all year round.

Protect your Plants with a Modern Greenhouse

This simple structure and its walls and panels are very powerful when it comes to plant protection. The greenhouse keeps them safe from overheating and pests which is exactly what we want. You can choose the aluminium ones, wooden greenhouse or the one made by both timber and metal – Victorian greenhouse. It is simply a matter of taste.

The ones that were there in the first place are wooden greenhouses. If you are seeking for the most organic and natural experience, we advise that you go for that exact type. Beside exception garden maintenance and landscaping services, we at Artview Landscapes offer handmade and uniquely designed wooden greenhouses that will not only keep your plants in great condition but they will also make your garden look like a true haven. Get familiar with our original timber works and let your imagination flow freely. We can construct a design from your own ideas and drawing, or we can take care of the whole thing ourselves – it is all up to you.

Send us an inquiry even today and we will get back to you with a plan and proposal as soon as possible.

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