Though many will sob for the lost summer on the first rainy day of autumn, this season is the perfect time to start paying attention to your garden. Looking at your landscape you might see some plants or the lawn needs to be renewed. However, you are not sure where to start and you might even wonder why to do that now. Isn’t the springtime when everything starts bursting?

Yes. That is the truth, yet there are plenty of arguments to complete the seeding in the fall. This process is beneficial for you as much as it is for your garden, and to explain it in more detail, we present you with 5 reasons why autumn is the best way for seeding.

1. Suitable Weather Conditions

Whether you are seeding a lawn or wildflowers, in autumn you will have better weather conditions. Balance of rainy days, sunshine and cool air allows plants to thrive. Many experienced gardeners know that the soil stays warm until November, yet the seed will not need as much water as it does during spring, and it will not dry out. There will be more nutrients in the ground, and since the cool weather is less stressful for the plants, the root system will start growing quicker. That way, it will be established by the spring.

2. Less Water Usage

Since the cold weather prevails evaporation, the water will stay in the ground longer. More frequent rain will also be beneficial for plants since it will restore their sources. As we have already mentioned, that means you will not have to water as much, and the plant will still have all that it needs.

3. Fewer Weeds

One of the great concerns for many gardeners is weed. However, the fall is the time when they are finishing their cycle, and you will start seeding once the growing season ends. That means weeds will stay passive in the soil, which is quite helpful during your planting process. 

For instance, you can take your time between clearing the ground and seeding. It can even pass several days before you start planting, and the weeds will stay dormant. Still, in the spring this is not an option. As all of the greens emerge from the ground, if you leave planting soil unattended even for a little while, you will have to clean it all over. 

Autumn planting will help your grass and wildflowers grow undisturbed, and any weed that shows up will be easier to remove. Furthermore, it will make garden maintenance easier.

4. Summer Preparation

Fall seeding gives your lawn and plants a chance to develop during the winter. They will continue this development over the spring and all through summer, allowing you to enjoy your garden as much as possible. The plants, as well as grass, will be healthier and stronger, and it will have enough time to prepare for the next summer stress.

5. Earlier Bloom

The thing that puts a smile on every gardener’s face is an early bloom. With the entire winter to settle and prepare, once the time comes, your wildflower seed will be ready to sprout and blossom. Compared to a plant seeded in spring, one that’s been seeded in fall will be in bloom two weeks earlier.

Having in mind all of that, it may seem to you that garden maintenance is better left to professionals. In case you’re looking for the landscaping Sydney service, you can count on us. Our experts will give you the best solutions for your garden and all of the information on how to keep it up properly.

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